Would you like to enrich your faith and connect to more people in our parish?  Sound like fun?

How about serving with one of our ministries?  You get to meet people in our parish, learn something new, and have the opportunity to help the parish grow!

These ministries all contribute to our celebration of the Mass. 

Not sure?  How about helping over the summer, when many of our regular ministers may be away? 

Training and support is provided for all ministries!

You can select the Mass you regularly attend: Saturday 5 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m. or Sunday evening 7 p.m.

Hospitality - we want every person who joins us to be warmly welcomed!  Do you enjoy meeting new people and helping everyone feel comfortable and welcome?  Then this may be what you are looking for!  This is also a great ministry for families to serve in together!

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Lector - we grow closer to God when we listen to his Word proclaimed for us at Mass.  Have you been complimented on your speaking voice?  Are you comfortable reading in front of a crowd?  Being a lector may be something you enjoy!

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Prayer of the Faithful - these petitions are the prayers of our community, prayed together as a community, and lifted up to our Father.  Do you enjoy supporting others, maybe by offering prayers for others?  Are you comfortable reading in front of a crowd?  Helping lead this prayer may be something that speaks to you!

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Extra-ordinary Minister of Communion - the Eucharist is the source and summit of our lives as Catholic Christians, and the reverent distribution of Holy Communion at Mass is the centre of our worship.  Does the Eucharist hold a special place in your heart?  Are you able to stand and help distribute Communion comfortably?  Serving as an Extra-ordinary Minister of Communion may be a source of joy for you!

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Mass Coordinator - let's face it, someone has to keep things moving along in the right direction!  Have you been complimented on your organizational skills?  Are you comfortable being in front of a crowd for a few minutes?  Then serving as a Mass Coordinator may be right up your alley!  It is also a great role for a couple to do together. 

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